Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology


In the field of crystal growth, the heat and mass transport, taking place during the crystal production, is very important for the properties of the grown crystals. The temperature distribution and the tensions resulting from it, determine the convection conditions in the melt and in the gas compartment and therewith the structural, electrical and optical quality of the grown crystals.

A quantitative knowledge of temperature, tension and concentration field is therefore urgently necessary for a quick and successful plant and process development. These information are very difficult to access in an experimental way, that is why the simulation during the crystal growth procedure is an essential tool.

We keep on developing our software CrysMAS, used by many companies and research institutes for the optimization of crystal growing facilities and processes, with regard on an easier use of the system and the availability of special physical models.

Furthermore, we modify the free, efficient software OpemFOAM to be able to make faster, tougher and more precise calculations of the melt convection in huge melts at the institutes own high-performance computer.

Besides CrysMAS and OpenFOAM, we also use the commercial program Fluent to push the development of next-generation plants for crystal growth, as well as the processing of silicon and silicon carbide wafers.