Energy-Efficient Power Electronics

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology

The IISB develops power electric systems for industrial plants, households, electric mobility, as well as for power engineering and network technology. Here, our aim is to make power electronics more efficient, cost-effective, robust, compact, and system-integrateable. This covers a wide range of competencies and applications:

  • power conversion
  • system integration, mechatronics
  • circuit design and simulation, innovative topologies
  • smart power ASIC design
  • embedded software
  • circuit and control technology
  • thermal management, thermomechanical simulations
  • energy efficiency, highest efficiency, highest power density
  • energy management
  • passive components
  • new materials
  • packaging
  • construction, simulation
  • reliability tests and error analysis
  • product-related and lifespan-optimizing engineering
  • examples for fields of application: frequency converters, electric drives, automation, automotive engineering, high-performance converters, energy storage devices, energy supply, HVDC, local DC-mains, photovoltaics, power supply units, and consumer electronics