Conference  /  11. September 2022  -  16. September 2022

The International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ICSCRM) is the most important technical conference series on silicon carbide (SiC) and related materials. Started in Washington, D.C. in 1987, the conference series developed into a bi-annual global forum on SiC from its crystal growth to the reliability in application.

The 19th edition of ICSCRM will be the last of its kind – starting from 2023, the conference series will be united with the European edition. It will form an annual event under the well-established name ICSCRM and a new rotation schedule integrating the SiC communities worldwide.

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Visit Fraunhofer IISB at the exhibition (booth R028, level 1) and learn about our latest research results in the presentations.

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In the scientific sessions, the following presentations report on research results with the participation of Fraunhofer IISB (the session code allows you to easily find the presentation in the detailed conference program):

Ind-Poster.1, C. Kranert (Fraunhofer IISB) et al.
High-throughput, non-destructive full wafer BPD density quantification of 4H-SiC substrates

Ind-Poster.2, C. Kranert (Fraunhofer IISB) et al.
Application of X-Ray Topography for Dislocation Analysis of 4H-SiC in an Industrial Environment

Tu-1-B.3, E. Guiot (Soitec) et al.
Proven power cycling reliability of ohmic annealing free SiC power device thanks to SmartSiC™ substrate

Tu-2-B.4, B. Kallinger (Fraunhofer IISB) et al.
Benchmarking experiment of substrate quality including SmartSiCT™ wafers by epitaxy in a batch

Tu-P-A.23, C. Reimann (Fraunhofer IISB) et al.
High temperature and corrosion resistant protective coatings for use in SiC PVT crystal growth and epitaxy

Tu-P-B.19, H. Jayaprakash (EAH Jena) et al.
Study on Estimation of Device Yield in Non-Epitaxial 4H-SiC Material Relating to Defect Densities Influencing Bipolar Degradation with XRT- Measurements

Tu-P-B.20, H. Schlichting (Fraunhofer IISB) et al.
Gate Oxide Reliability and the Relation of Extrinsic Defects to Epitaxial Defects on 4H-SiC

We-P-A.23, L. Broderick (Fraunhofer IISB) et al.
Highly efficient floating field rings for SiC power electronic devices - A systematic experimental study

We-P-B.10, M. Schraml (Chair of Electrion Devices, FAU) et al.
Towards SiC-based VUV pin-photodiodes - Investigations on 4H-SiC photodiodes with shallow implanted Al emitters

We-P-B.12, M. Lim (Fraunhofer IISB) et al.
A Modeling of 4H-SiC Super-Junction MOSFETs with Filtered High Energy Implantation

Th-2-A.4, N. Boettcher (Fraunhofer IISB) et al.
Temperature Dependence of a Self-Sensing Monolithically Integrated Circuit Breaker Based on a 4H-SiC JFET Technology

Th-P-A.16, Y. J. Park (Pohang University of Science and Technology) et al.
Effects of plasma treatment on the physical properties of NiAl contacts on n-type 4H-SiC

Th-P-A.17, S. Kim (Postech) et al.
Ohmic contact formation at low temperature using Ni-based metal alloy on n-type 4H-SiC

Fr-1-B, D. Baierhofer (Robert Bosch GmbH) et al.
Correlation of extended Defects with electrical Yield of MOSFET Devices

Fr-2-B.1, A. May (Fraunhofer IISB) et al.
Threshold voltage adjustment on 4H-SiC MOSFETs using p-doped polysilicon as a gate material