Battery Systems

Products & Services

Target Applications

Battery Systems for Mobile Applications

  • Automotive and Road Transport: Electrified Vehicles (e.g., 48V Boardnet Batteries, Plug-in Hybrid and Full Electric Vehicles, Utility Vehicles (including Forklift Truck), Trucks and Busses with Hybridized Powertrains), Electric Bicycles (e.g., e-Bikes and Pedelecs)
  • Railway and Rail Transport: Electrified Rail Public Transports (e.g., Traction Energy Storage Units with Batteries and/or Supercap / Ultracaps for Electric Locomotives)
  • Aviation and Aerospace: Gliders (e.g., Battery Supplied Electric Sustainer and Self-Launcher), Aircrafts (e.g., High-Power Batteries for APU), Satellites
  • Marine and Underwater: Multi-Megawatt-Hours (MWh) Battery Systems (e.g., Submarines, Cruise Ships)

Battery Systems for Stationary Applications

  • Industrial: Ultra-High-Performance Battery Systems (e.g., Complete Full-Custom Battery System Prototypes for Test Benches)
  • Renewables: Electric Energy Storage Systems for Renewable Energies (e.g., Photovoltaic and Wind Parks)

Offered Services

  • Design Reviews & Failure Analysis Based on our Broad Cross-Domain Experience
  • Market Screening and Market Studies Using our Extensive Network Worldwide
  • Characterization of Battery Cells by Using for Example Cycling, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS), or Hybrid Power Pulse Characterization (HPPC)
  • Multi-Domain Modelling of Battery Cells and Systems (e.g., Electrical, Electro-thermal, Electro-chemical, Mechanical)
  • Calibration and Parameterization of Battery Models with Optimization Algorithms (e.g., Global and Local Optimization Algorithms)
  • Simulations and Simulation Methods for Designing and Dimensioning Battery Systems
  • Electric and Electronic Design of Battery Systems (e.g., Battery Monitoring System, Battery Management System, Battery Junction and Safety Box)
  • Mechanical Design of Battery Systems (e.g., Battery Module and Pack CAD-Design, Heating and Cooling with Liquid or Air)
  • Assembly and Integration of Battery Cells in Modules (e.g., Ultrasonic Welding, Clinching of up to 4-Layers)
  • Software Design for Battery System (e.g., Battery Management Software) ; Portable BMS Algorithms Based on 32bit OSEK/AUTOSAR Operating System ; Portable Monitoring-IC Drivers for 32bit OSEK/AUTOSAR Operating Systems
  • State Estimation Algorithms that are Platform Independent and Portable (e.g., SOC, SOE, SOH, SOL, SOF)
  • Tests (Electrical and Thermal) of Complete Battery Systems up to 1000V, 1000A, and 500kW
  • System Integration and Complete System Prototypes (e.g., up to Vehicle Integration)

Offered Product Development Competences

Battery System Design

  • Definition of the overall system requirements (e.g., energy and power capability, interfaces)
  • Selection of the best-suited battery cells based on our internal database
  • Modeling of the electrical, mechanical, and thermal parameters of the battery cells for the specified system

Battery Mechanical Design

  • Definition of the mechanical requirements
  • Definition of the battery cell assembly method (e.g., laser welding, ultrasonic welding, clinching, screwing)
  • Design of the battery modules with their power and signal connections
  • Design of the battery pack overall assembly

Battery Thermal Design

  • Definition of the thermal requirements including cooling and heating functions
  • Thermal design of the battery system by means of coupled electro-thermal simulations based on customized advanced FEM methods with powerful MOR (model-order-reduction) algorithms for system level analysis (combination with CFD also possible)
  • Definition of the thermal management components depending on the type of cooling and heating methods specified (i.e., liquid or air)     

Battery Electrical Design

  • Definition of the electrical requirements including safety aspects
  • Design of the battery cell monitoring hardware
  • Design of the battery management system (BMS) hardware based on the requirements to the analog and digital I/O
  • Design of the battery junction box (BJB) hardware including, amongst others, power and pre-charge contactors, pre-charge resistors, fuses, current sensors, galvanic isolation fault monitoring
  • Cell voltage equalization design (i.e., cell voltage balancing)

Battery Management Software Development

  • Development and adaption of the battery management system (BMS) software (application level) by means of a continuous workflow based on industry standard tools
  • Standardized AutoSAR 4.0-based software architecture that was customized for development flexibility and specific BMS needs
  • Development of advanced algorithms for battery state estimation: state-of-charge (SOC) estimation based on Kalman filters (e.g., EKF, AEKF, UKF), state-of-health (SOH) and state-of-life (SOL), state-of-function (SOF), sensorless temperature measurement, charging strategies
  • Modular design for fast adaption to specific customer demands and special features
  • Development and adaption of the testing software for the functional tests of the complete battery system

Battery System Integration

  • Component fabrication and assembly (e.g., package manufacturing, bus bars manufacturing, bus bars welding)
  • System assembly and integration
  • Final tests and characterization

Battery Testing

  • Electro-chemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) up to 1 MHz and up to 30 A
  • Charging and discharging test on battery cell level between -1 V and 8 V and up to 440 A continuous current
  • Testing of real or standardized driving cycles on cell, module and system level up to ±1000 V, ±1000 A, 500 kW