Battery Systems

R&D Topics

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Battery Electronics

  • High Availability Redundant Battery Electronics Providing the Highest Reliability and Robustness for Safety-Critical Applications (e.g., ASIL-D, SIL4)
  • Distributed Battery Monitoring Electronics Building Smart Battery Cells, thus Providing Intelligence to Every Single Battery Cell and therefore Completely Eliminating the Signal Wiring in Future Battery Systems
  • Power Antifuse as Low-Cost Device for Bypassing Faulty Battery Cells

Battery Thermal Management

  • Thermal Management Reducing the Temperature Gradients in Battery Packs for Homogenous Ageing of all the Battery Cells, thus Reducing the Need for Balancing to a Minimum
  • Sensorless Battery Cell Temperature Estimation, thus Enabling Safe and Cost-Efficient Accurate Battery Pack Temperature Monitoring, Improving the Accuracy of Battery State Estimation Algorithms

Battery Modeling

  • Electro-chemical Modeling of Battery Cells for Robust and Accurate Battery State Estimation Algorithms; Generation of Compact Battery Cell Models for their Implementation on the BMS Microcontroller Platform
  • Advanced Model Parameter Optimization Algorithms for Global Offline Optimization and for Local In-system Online Optimization over the Complete System Lifetime
  • Model-Based Battery State Estimation Algorithms Using a Hardware-Accelerated Computing Platform for Highest Speed and Accuracy
  • Parametric Model-Order-Reduction Applied to Electro-thermal Battery System Models for Simulating Complete Use Cases (e.g., Automotive Driving Cycles) at System Level (e.g., NEDC, WLTP)

Battery Safety

  • Integration of Gas Sensors in Battery Systems for Early Fault Detection and Improved System Safety
  • Printed Temperature Sensor for Low-Cost Temperature Sensing to Improve the Safety in Battery Systems