Fachvorträge  /  January 20, 2020

Leistungselektronik-Kolloquium – Gemeinsame Vortragsreihe des Bayerischen Clusters Leistungselektronik und des Fraunhofer IISB

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Chip Embedding in an 48V Inverter
Roland Brey, Vitesco Technologies GmbH (former Continental Automotive)

In automotive applications, the 48V inverter is usually integrated in an electric motor. The mounting place direct at the electric motor requires an extremely compact assembly concept a maximum utilization of the power components. To fulfill these requirements a single PCB solution in combination with chip embedding technology was chosen and will be presented.

From Material Characterization to FE-based Design Optimization
Flaviu Simon and Sebastian Letz, Fraunhofer IISB, Erlangen

An accurate numerical simulation model is a key factor for reducing experimental testing as well as a useful tool to provide an overview on the design parameter impact. For this purpose, a good material database is needed. Aspects of material characterization are presented as well as a way to digitalize test results so as to use them in a FE-code. Furthermore, an FE-based parameter variation study for a representative model is discussed within the talk.

ab 18:45 Uhr Diskussion bei Imbiss und Getränken