Webinar  /  12/06/2018, 15 - 16:30 CET

NanoStreeM Webinar

The NanoStreem project had the mission to improve risk management of innovative materials in semi-conductor applications.

Coordinated by IMEC and with 13 partners including Intel, LFoundtry, ST and Fraunhofer, the project has delivered:

  • better understanding the occupational hazards related to the use of nanomaterials
  • improvement of the assessment of the potential impact of nano-materials on workers and environment during semiconductor fabrication
  • Intensification of international cooperation with USA and Asia in the areas of standardization
  • shared information with other industries facing similar issues in understanding properties and controlling nano-hazards

Join the NanoStreem consortium to present final project outcomes and learn about impact on industry for future use of nanomaterials within semi-conductor applications.

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