Application-specific device solutions and services

The „Devices“ Group is developing innovative device solutions with a strong focus on Power Electronics. This includes both novel device concepts on semiconducting materials like silicon and silicon carbide and on related materials providing a “technology-push” towards new and more powerful applications. Moreover, customer-specific devices based on conventional concepts are adopted to better satisfy the demands of individual solutions (“application-pull”). Here, the focus is also with the development of cost-efficient processes tailored towards implementation and realization of customized products.

Power Device Simulation

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Implementation of process simulation for prediction of electron device parameters

© Fraunhofer IISB

Implementation of process simulation for prediction of electron device

Verification of novel designs - „more than moore“

  • Process simulation of device structures
  • Definition of process flow from scratch or from existing design
  • Incorporation of custom mask layouts
  • Verification of manufacturability
  • Simulation of extracted device structures
  • Evaluation of electrical performance
  • Calculation of quasistatical behavior
  • Dynamic small-signal analysis
  • Comparison of different design variations
  • Optimization of device design and process flow
  • Shorter development cycles due to smaller feedback loops

Device development

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Silicon wafer with monolithically integrated passive networks and test structures

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High-voltage capacitors monolithicalls integrated into silicon using deep trench technology

Customized solutions for semiconductor devices

  • Novel and exclusive fabrication capabilities
  • Processing of lightly doped substrates
  • Beyond-CMOS processing
  • Alternative substrate materials, e.g. SOI, SiC, GE
  • Transfer to industrial volume fabrication
  • Process and control plans, FMEAs, SPC
  • Full-fledged device testing and qualification
  • Prototype devices and small volume production at π-Fab
  • Large volume production with foundries and partners in semiconductor industry

Device Integration

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LDMOS device with reduced R(DS,on) by combining trench gate technology with planar topology

Application specific integration concepts

  • Silicon carbide power devices
  • Lateral and vertical power MOSFETs
  • Sensoric for harsh environments
  • Passive devices for power electronics
  • High-voltage trench capacitors and temperature-stable resistors
  • Passive devices integrated on single chip
  • Glass capacitors
  • Circuit protection devices
  • Controllable active fuses
  • High-current anti-fuses
  • Solid state circuit breakers
  • Integrated X-ray and UV sensors

Electrical characterization

Performance and reliability characterization

  • Measurement of device performance
  • Forward conduction and blocking behavior of power devices
  • High-voltage capacitors (voltage, temperature and frequency characteristics)
  • Switching properties in non-volatile memories
  • Statistical device reliability predictions considering individual failure mechanisms
  • Gate oxide integrity of transistors and capacitors
  • Retention time and endurance in non-volatile memories
  • Specific device qualification according to standards, e.g. automotive
  • Process evaluation based on yield analysis


From sensors to power: power device simulation, device development, device integration, electrical characterization.