Power Devices

Customer-driven development of power semiconductor devices on silicon and silicon carbide is performed using state-of-the-art TCAD and design software. The manufacturing of novel devices is conducted in our CMOS line and ranges from proof-of-concept/feasibility studies over prototypes to small-volume fabrication for reliability evaluation. The focus of this device development is on power grid, automotive and ISM applications

Silicon carbide devices

The silicon carbide activities are dedicated towards both actively switched and rectifying power semiconductor devices for operating voltages of 600 V and beyond. The power devices on 4H-SiC offer low on-state losses, enabling higher switching frequencies than with silicon devices. Therefore, smaller and lighter systems (e.g. converters, inverters) can be manufactured.

Silicon devices

While silicon technology has been available for over 50 years, novel device concepts and device topologies are constantly evolving. This includes trench gate and superjunction concepts in power and RF MOSFETs or fast-switching diodes. Our activities are addressing customer-specific requirements for power semiconductor devices that cannot be readily satisfied with existing “off-the-shelf” devices.


3.3 kV SiC JBS-Diodes


1200/3300 V SiC Power Mosfet