Data Analytics

The group “Data Analytics”, helps our partners and customers to get the most out of their data in the context of IIoT and Industry 4.0. The group takes an application-oriented approach that includes system analysis, conception, data collection, and finally the development and implementation of intelligent algorithms in industrial processes or in embedded systems.

Information to Optimization

Descriptive Analytics (What happened?)

Diagnostic Analytics (Why did it happen?)

Predictive Analytics (What will happen?)

Prescriptive Analytics (How can we make it happen?)

Dr. Production®


Research Areas

Data Analytics for the optimization of equipment and production processes

Development and implementation of tailored, application-oriented machine learning and AI


Broad range of expertise and proven applications in the field of semiconductor manufacturing

SME-oriented transfer of data analytics solutions to other industries through “Dr. Production”


Semiconductor industry (chip manufacturers, suppliers)

Other manufacturers of high-quality products (electronics, lighting, metalworking industry, …)

Typical Scenarios

Improve process understanding

Accelerate process development

Improve product quality

Reduce measurement steps

Assess equipment health

Implement PdM

Cognitive Power Electronics 4.0


Research Areas

Data Analytics as the basis for intelligent power electronics

Development and implementation of tailored, application-oriented machine learning and AI

Intelligent converters as edge computing devices


Broad experience in the field of data analytics

Combination of data knowledge and system knowledge across the institute

Simple data framework and visualization


Automotive industry

Power engineering

Fraunhofer IISB offers innovative power electronic solutions that are used in conversion, supply, and storage of electrical energy. Based on years of experience and application in these various fields, Fraunhofer IISB drives power electronics to the next level by merging proven power electronic systems and devices with smart functionalities enabling the new era of „Cognitive Power Electronics 4.0“.
In power converters, for instance, additional controllers can be embedded to enable advanced connectivity and intelligence. Based on available data, such as currents, voltages, phasing, temperatures, or impedance, a converter can control the attached electrical system and react to changes in the environment. This approach also makes the attached system (e.g., a battery) “smart”.
Building on highly efficient and compact power electronics far beyond the state of the art, and combining it with novel approaches featuring connected services, Cognitive Power Electronics 4.0 enables new functionalities in the Fraunhofer IISB concept of five major “Power as…” areas, where the institute covers novel applications and offers tailored solutions:

Envisaged Scenarios

Monitoring of power electronics and applications

Converters as data source and monitoring device

Intelligent DC networks

Intelligent drive technology