Examples of Developments

Battery Modules - Packs - Systems


We develop electrical, mechanical and thermal designs of battery modules, packs and systems for mobile and stationary applications. These applications englobe the transport (e.g., automotive, aeronautics) and energy (e.g., grid power quality improvement, grid stabilization, storage for sustainable energies like wind and solar) markets.

Battery Management Systems (BMS)


We develop the hardware and software for embedded battery management systems. These developments include the elaboration of portable software applications in the field of advanced battery state recognition algorithms (SOC: State-of-Charge ; SOH: State-of-Health ; SOF: State-of-Function), charging algorithms, as well as the safety aspects (e.g., ASIL considerations, isolation monitoring), including the standby requirements (e.g., low standby power consumption, black start), and much more.

Centralized Battery Monitoring Systems


We develop state-of-the-art centralized battery monitoring systems on the basis of commercially available battery monitoring integrated circuit from manufacturers like Linear Technology, Atmel, AMS. The centralized battery monitoring topology uses one battery monitoring printed circuit board (PCB) for monitoring one battery module, in general consisting of 4 to 18 battery cells in series.

Distributed Battery Monitoring Systems through Smart Battery Cells


We develop cutting-edge distributed battery monitoring systems in direct cooperation with key players in the field of battery technologies, system architectures, Tier 2, Tier 1 and OEM. Distributed battery monitoring brings the electronics inside the battery cell, thus reducing dramatically the system development costs and development time. The concepts and systems developed in this area are destined for the smart battery cells of tomorrow.

Innovative Devices for Enhanced Safety and Reliability in Battery Systems


We develop sensor and actuator devices for enhancing the safety and the reliability in Lithium-Ion battery systems. The increasing energy density in Lithium-Ion battery chemistries demands more safety requirements and adapted sensor and actuator devices (e.g., low-cost temperature sensors, high-power antifuse) for reaching these safety requirements.

Research Projects in Electrical Energy Storage

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Overview of some addressed research topics

We are involved in numerous large national and European projects developing innovative electric energy storage solutions:

  • E3Car: Nanoelectronics for an Energy Efficient Electrical Car (EU-Project; ENIAC)
  • Smart-PV: Distributed Power Conversion in Smart Photovoltaic Solar Panels (Internal project in cooperation with CEA-Leti, France)
  • EnCN: Energie Campus Nürnberg (Bavarian Project, Germany)
  • ESTRELIA: Energy Storage with lowered cost and improved Safety and Reliability for electrical vehicles (EU-Project; FP7-2011-ICT-GC)
  • SuperLIB: Smart Battery Control System based on a Charge-equalization Circuit for an advanced Dual-Cell Battery for Electric Vehicles (EU-Project; FP7-2011-ICT-GC)
  • AVTR: Optimal Electrical Powertrain via Adaptable Voltage and Transmission Ratio (EU-Project; FP7-2012-ICT-GC)
  • Motorbrain: Nanoelectronics for Electric Vehicle Intelligent Failsafe PowerTrain (EU-Project; ENIAC)
  • SEEDs: Smart Ecological Energy Domains – "Wachstumskeime für ein energieautarkes Bayern" (Bavarian Project, Germany)