Materials – The basis for new applications

It is our mission to deliver outstanding scientific-technological solutions in the field of crystalline materials and their production, pushing forward the commercialization and promoting new applications of these materials.

We support material, device and equipment manufacturers and their suppliers in the production and characterization of crystals, epitaxal layers and thin films. Our customers’ benefits are novel products, reduced costs, higher yield, better material quality, and improved device reliability. For this purpose we develop and improve equipment, processing, modelling, and characterization techniques.

The materials and markets we address are mainly semiconductor crystals (Si, Ge, Diamond, SiC, GaN, AlN, GaAs, InP, CdTe), but we are also experienced with optical, laser and scintillator crystals. Furthermore, we explore novel battery materials.





Our strategy is the optimization of the manufacturing processes through a combination of thorough experimental process analysis, tailored characterization techniques, and numerical modeling. For that purpose, we have a well-suited infrastructure at hand, which consists of R&D type furnaces and epitaxial reactors, state of the art metrology tools for the investigation of the physical, chemical, electrical, and structural material properties as well as powerful and user-friendly simulation programs. These programs are especially suitable for heat and mass transport calculations in high temperature equipment with complex geometry.



Focus Areas



Specific research on crystal growth and characterization of silicon for power electronics and photovoltaics application. We develop innovative crucible and coating materials, new hot zone parts, and the recycling of silicon waste. We apply numerical modeling to optimize the Czochralski and the Directional Solidification process and we offer individual services such as crystal growth experiments and characterization of crystals and wafers. In addition we carry out fundamental crystal growth experiments under microgravity conditions.


Silicon Carbide

Development of epitaxy processes and characterization methods for SiC power electronic devices as well as for SiC sensors and quantum devices with special emphasis on improved material quality. Customer-oriented services include n- and p-type epitaxy on 4H-SiC wafers and processing of complete SiC devices.


GaN & AlN

Development of the HVPE and PVT process to grow bulk GaN and AlN crystals, repectively. Special focus is set on the technology to process the GaN and AlN crystals further to epi-ready wafers and even complete nitride prototype devices. We analyze systematically the influence of structural defects on the electrical performance and reliability of nitride devices.


Other Crystal Materials

Applied research on the growth of GaAs, InP, CdZnTe crystals by the Vertical Gradient Freeze (VFG) or Vertical Bridgman (VB) technique that meet the specific requirements for areas such as communication, data transmission, lighting and lasers. Furthermore, we offer support in development of new crystal growth as well as epitaxy equipment and processes.


Energy Materials

Analysis of rechargeable aluminum-ion battery systems as an alternative of lithium-ion batteries with special focus on cathode material and electrolyte development, including electrochemical characterization in test cells.


Equipment Simulation

We introduce our know-how in numerical modeling with special expertise in modeling heat and mass transport processes in order to optimize our customers’ next-generation high-temperature process equipment.





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