GMM User Group Yield Enhancement

Yield Enhancement

Yield Enhancement User Group Meeting at Elmos, Dortmund, November 2014

This User group was founded 2004 and is organized within the GMM expert committee 1.1.3 "Production and Manufacturing Equipment - Yield Enhancement". The GMM is a platform for engineers and scientists working within the fields of Microelectronics, Microtechniques and Nanotechnology. The GMM is part of the Alliance of Electrical Engineering, Electronic and Information Technology (VDE/VDI).


The scope of the User Group is to provide a platform for discussion and exchange on yield enhancement in semiconductor manufacturing. Discussion topics range from defect engineering methods , yield correlation to process stability. The once a year meeting is open to European semiconductor manufacturing sites for discussion and information exchange of managers, engineers, and scientists. The workshop language is English and each company attending is supposed to hold a short presentation on one of the topics. The exchange of presentations, however, is not required.

In advance of each workshop, the members of the User Group will define the topics of discussion for the next meeting.

Next Meeting:

November 28-29, 2018, Osram, Regensburg, Germany

1. Cross Contamination
2. Recipe Management
3. ADC

History of Meetings

19th meeting

November 6-7, 2017, ABB Semiconductor, Lenzburg, Switzerland

18th meeting

November 7-8, 2016, Texas Instruments, Freising

17th meeting

November 2-3, 2015, Bosch, Reutlingen

16th meeting

November 3-4, 2014, Elmos, Dortmund

15th meeting

October 28-29, 2013, Infineon Technologies AG, Villach, Austria

14th meeting

September 24-25, 2012, NXP, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

13th meeting

September 19-20, 2011,
Micronas, Freiburg, Germany

12th meeting

September 27-28, 2010,
Telefunken Semi, Heilbronn, Germany

11th meeting

November 9-10, 2009,
Fraunhofer IISB, Erlangen, Germany

10th meeting

November 10-11, 2008,
Infineon, Regensburg, Germany

9th meeting

June 2-3, 2008,
Elmos, Dortmund, Germany

8th meeting

November 19-20, 2007,
Renesas, Landshut, Germany

7th meeting

May 21-22, 2007,
X-Fab, Erfurt, Germany

6th meeting

November 20-21, 2006,
Freescale Semiconductors, Toulouse, France

5th meeting

July 3-4, 2006,
Philips Semiconductors, Hamburg, Germany

4th meeting

November 28-29,
2005, Infineon Technologies, Dresden, Germany

3rd meeting

June 6-7, 2005,
Texas Instruments, Freising, Germany

2nd meeting

October 25-26, 2004,
Schloss Atzelsberg (by IISB), Erlangen, Germany

1st meeting: Kick-off meeting

March 13-14, 2004,
Fraunhofer IISB, Erlangen, Germany