Technology & Manufacturing

Bridging the Gap from Material to Application

Technology stands above all for research and development in the field of electronic devices for CMOS as well as for power applications.

From micro-technology to printable macro-electronics, the Technology Department is your contact for the realization and characterization of single process steps and devices up to prototypes. Based on comprehensive cleanroom facilities, silicon, as well as silicon-carbide processing, forms the backbone of the technology.

Examples for current activities aresensor devices on Si, fabrication of advanced integrated power devices on SiC, or low-temperature depositions of inorganic materials by printing techniques. The heterogeneous integration of various technologies is currently acquiring more and more importance.

Focus Areas


Contamination &
Manufacturing Control

Development of and customer support for advanced contamination control methods, which are up to the challenge of ever changing materials and parameters.  


Thin-film Technologies

Research and services on inorganic thin films, applicable in optoelectronics, energy systems as well as integrated thin-film sensors and electronics. Printed Electronics open up a range of novel low-cost, low complexity, and large-area components. Whereas Low-Temperature Thin-Film Technologies enable working with sensitive substrates, and application-specific microelectronics is realized via Silicon Process Integration.



Thin-Film Electronics
& Sensors

Research on thin-film transistors and sensors is targeting towards direct application in industrial, automotive, energy, and consumer electronics. Special attention is given to thin-film sensors, sensor integration and special thin-film transistors. Our cooperation offers, among others, include feasibility studies and consulting services for non-silicon thin-film applications.


Nanopattering &

Development of UV-nanoimprint lithography (UV-NIL) solutions for micro- and nanooptical applications, focused ion beam (FIB) processing to fabricate customized nano- and microstructures; and development of new electrical modes  in scanning probe microscopy (SPM). Additionally, various customized services in the field of nanopatterning and metrology are offered for both, academia and industry, adapted to their specific needs.

GMM User Groups


The IISB is cooperating Partner within the 'GMM-VDI/VDE-Gesellschaft' and engages specifically within the following working groups:  


Special Services & Solutions


Prototype Fabrication


To focus more on facility services for customers, the service sector was reorganized in a separate organization unit called π-Fab. The purpose of π-Fab is the fabrication of custom-tailored prototype electron devices – a prototyping service comprising a continuous silicon CMOS and silicon carbide process line in an industry-compatible environment.  

Our Infrastructure for Your Projects

The IISB is equipped with high-class laboratories, including cleanrooms for semiconductor technologies, facilities for packaging, reliability tests and crystal growth as well as electronic labs. All of which aim to match our customers’ individual needs by providing custom-tailored solutions.


Custom-tailored SiC


We offer R&D Services ranging from material development and prototype devices to module assembly and mechatronic systems, by making use of 4H-SiC’s unique semiconductor properties. Design studies, feasibility tests, proofs of concept, or prototype fabrication make up only part of what IISB’s interdisciplinary toolbox has to offer.





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