Nanopatterning and Metrology

Research Topics

We develop UV-nanoimprint lithography (UV-NIL) solutions for micro- and nanooptical applications (e.g., integrated optical waveguides, components, sensors or plasmonic filters) and provide the whole process chain from master fabrication to pattern transfer into targeted materials. This includes research and development of nanoimprint processes, evaluation of resist materials and the fabrication of prototype devices. Nanoimprint processes can be combined with our 200 mm Si CMOS line. Besides our nanoimprint activities we are working on the fabrication of functionalized and bioactivated patterned PDMS layers for biomedical applications.

In the field of focused ion beam (FIB) processing, our research focuses on the fabrication of customized nano- and microstructures which is based on an in-depth understanding of all relevant effects related to FIB patterning. Again, FIB patterning as a mix & match solution for pre-patterned or pre-functionalized devices or circuits is also covered.

Our third research competence is in the development and application of electrical scanning probe microscopy (SPM) modes. This includes the correlation of SPM based measurement results with data from established conventional measurement methods as well as the introduction of such SPM modes in new application fields.

Last but not least we apply our long-term experience in electrical contamination analysis (e.g., carrier lifetime measurements) for the development of optimized process control or material characterization strategies: Both, for silicon and silicon carbide based technologies.

We are ready to be your partner for research and development in the above described areas. Both applied and fundamental research is our competence due to our long-term experience in the field.

© Fraunhofer IISB
SCIL imprinted Ormocer © Y-branch waveguide splitter.
© Fraunhofer IISB
Both side patterned 150 mm PDMS substrate for cell growth investigation.
FIB nanostructured Si electrode
© Fraunhofer IISB
FIB nanostructured Si electrode


Various customized services in the field of nanopatterning and metrology are offered for both, academia and industry, adapted to their specific needs. The services can be mainly divided into four categories: nanoimprint, focused ion beam (FIB), scanning probe microscopy (SPM), and electrical contamination analysis. Apart from the below given specific services we offer our long-term experience and renowned expertise in the fields mentioned above for your research and development projects.


  • Process development (UV-SCIL – UV enhanced substrate conformal imprint lithography)
  • Stamp manufacturing for UV-SCIL from your master (up to 200 mm)
  • Si master fabrication (together with partners)
  • Resist evaluation
  • Fabrication of nano/micro patterned or flat PDMS substrates (Young’s modulus of either 2, 12, or 80 MPa) with functionalized surfaces (e.g. plasma treatment to define wetting characteristics) for e.g. biomedical applications

Focused ion beam (FIB)

  • Cross section analysis including failure analysis and EDX
  • Sample preparation for e.g. HRTEM and nanoindentation
  • Customized nanopatterning
  • FEI stream file generation for your pattern
  • Circuit modification

Scanning probe microscopy (SPM)

  • Topography and roughness measurements
  • SSRM (scanning spreading resistance microscopy) doping profiling and material characterization
  • cAFM (conductive AFM) characterization of dielectric layers
  • KPFM (Kelvin probe force microscopy)

Electrical contamination analysis

  • Minority carrier lifetime or diffusion length analysis (µ-PCD, SPV) for Si and SiC (µ-PCD only)
  • Contactless Fe detection in p-type Si
  • Contactless oxide characterization for Si substrates
  • DLTS (deep level transient spectroscopy) for Si and SiC


  • Sample and wafer dicing (Si, SiC, quartz, …)
  • TEM analysis  
High resolution carrier lifetime map of a 4H SiC wafer.
FIB prepared micropillar for nanoindentation measurements.
SSRM of a trench gate structure.

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