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ELECSA® is an integrated measurement system for detection of ion concentration in liquids and BluetoothTM data transfer to a mobile device. Shown is an ultrathin version for application in sports wearables. It combines the potentiometric sensor with a flex-PCB carrying analog read-out and data transmission electronics.

The research on thin-film transistors and sensors is targeting towards direct application in industrial, automotive, energy, and consumer electronics.

Novel features like

  • bendability, mechanical flexibility,
  • negligible space consumption (ultrathin systems),
  • facile, low-cost production and mounting schemes,
  • or transparency

allow for add-on functionalities in traditional products or advanced sensing and control schemes in challenging electronics.

Reference systems and ongoing research include

  • thin-film sensors
    • electrolyte sensors for sports and agricultural application
    • ultrathin temperature sensors for automotive/consumer products and optical applications
    • capacitive sensors for detection of touch, presence, fill levels, etc.
  • sensor integration with low-cost packaging goods and automotive interior controls

  • specialty thin-film transistors:
    • large-area OLED drivers,
    • high-frequency TFTs up to 0.1 GHz,
    • display backplane concepts


Cooperation offers include:

  • feasibility studies and consulting services for non-silicon thin-film applications:
  • device concepts,
  • selection of technologies,
  • experimental test and small scale prototyping,
  • system and technological concepts
  • contract-based bilateral research
  • partnering in publicly-funded research projects (see e.g. ROLL-OUT, POINTS, SuperLIB)

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