Battery Chargers

We provide on-board battery chargers (AC/DC converters) in the range from 3.7 to 22 kW for plug-in and pure electric vehicles, as well as DC battery chargers (DC/DC converters) in the range of 3 kW and more for ultrafast, high power applications such as super capacitor based batteries. Moreover, we provide inductive power transmission battery charger systems. Depending on the requirements of our industrial customers, the focus may be overall power density, extreme compact design, EMC, high efficiency, or special functions like bidirectional operation mode used for vehicle to grid (V2G) scenarios or providing an on-board high power AC plug.

Current techniques and future research topics are always central in our development, leading to power electronic components and prototype systems showing the performance of modern power semiconductors.
While the majority of projects are non-disclosure, some samples and open research projects are shown below.