High Power Density

A central component of many electrified vehicles is the traction DC-DC converter. Its task is to connect and convert energy between different energy storages, battery chargers (AC chargers, fast DC chargers), drive inverters and range extending sources. In modern car architecture, weight and volume are determinant factors. To take a look beyond state-of-the art, power electronic cores based on SiC and GaN can show the highest power densities and lowest weight of DC-DC converters. These devices allow a high switching frequency of 200 kHz and in the same way a high efficiency of more than 98.5%. The high switching frequency has allowed for a dramatic size reduction of passive components leading to a record-breaking power density of up to 143 kW / dm³


Typical challenges of High Power Density Prototypes:

    Low inductive commutation cell for fast switching

    Integrated power modules

    Extremely flat, small and high dV/dt driver

    Multi phase operation for reduced ripple current

    High performance ceramic highside capacitor

    Small, accurate and EMI-immune current sensing

    Low-volume, high energy power inductors

    Integrated and optimized water cooling




Bidirectional DC-DC Converter

Extremely lightweight, small and powerful DC-DC Converter. The design has been awarded by the Semikron foundation with the Semikron Innovation Award.


Cool Systems with SiC and GaN

We are your manufacturer-independent partner for device evaluation and benchmark power electronic solutions using SiC and GaN in your specific system.