Inductive Components Characterization


SiC and GaN power devices are enablers to increase power density or efficiency of next generation power electronic systems. However, inductive components might be a show stopper, as they make up a large space and involve huge costs in current systems.


You may ask yourself, where are the limits of inductive components regarding higher switching frequencies and power densities?

We are your partner, who evaluates and designs inductors and transformers for customized power electronic systems.

Fields of Research

Application-related component characterization

Performance Assessment of novel ferrite materials for power electronics

Component modeling for computer-aided system design

Improvement of the performance of the system - taking into account component losses, building space or weight


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The values in the data sheets of the ferrite materials are often insufficient to design these powerful inductive components for a specific application.

That is why we offer standardized material measurements:

Material-specific losses with DC bias



Saturation flow for different temperatures.


At the component level, we perform the following measurements:

magnetic parameters (eg inductance, coupling, saturation current)

power dissipation measurement for different temperatures and with large signal.