Drive Inverters & Mechatronics

The trend towards miniaturization and system integration in power electronics is mainly driven by applications with severe space restrictions such as automotive, robotics, or avionic. Major challenges arise from the fact that the installation space in these applications is usually predefined by mechanical requirements with less consideration for power electronics needs. This often results in complex geometries and contamination in addition to high thermal and mechanical stress. However, the better use of space, the avoidance of expensive cables and failure prone connectors, and the reduction of EMI filter expense make it necessary to choose this path.

A mechatronic system integration requires more than just increasing power density. We are working on innovative integration concepts as well as on new device, interconnection, and cooling technologies that foster a 3D integration, increase ruggedness, and decrease costs of power electronics

Products & Services

Highly integrated drive solutions for hybrid or electric vehicles

Complete in-house development and testing of inverter power electronics (incl. 3D integration)

Vehicle integration of electrical drive and power management systems 

Field-oriented motor control development for various machines (e.g. PMSM, IM, SSM, etc.)

Functional safety concept (ISO 26262, up to ASIL-D)