COSIVU – Integrated 1200 V SiC-Inverter for Commercial Vehicles

Project Targets

The aim of the Fraunhofer IISB is the development of a 1200 V inverter in cooperation with its partners. The inverter is integrated in an electric drive-unit for commercial vehicles of Volvo. The inverter will use SiC bipolar transistors manufactured by TranSiC.

Short Description

The project ‘COSIVU’ aims at new system architectures for the drivetrain by developing a smart, compact and durable single-wheel drive unit with an integrated electric motor, compact transmission, full SiC power electronics (switches and diodes), a novel control and health monitoring module with wireless communication, and an advanced ultra compact cooling solution.

The advances over the current state of the art can be summarized as follows:

Decentralized drive-train system with one compact system package and wireless communication between drive units and central computer 

Development of next generation of highly integrated inverter modules based on novel SiC technology (1200 V, 500 A)

Fail safe concepts for increased functional safety

Closed hardware-in-the-loop technology to always guarantee optimal working  conditions

Innovative functional and health monitoring

Improvement of durability and total driving range by factor 2

The electric power train developed in the COSIVU project was evaluated on a test rig and test vehicles

Project Partners

Volvo Technology, Hella, TranSiC, Sensitec, Nanotest, Elaphe, Swerea, TU Chemnitz and FhG ENAS

Project Duration

November 2012 – Oktober 2014