ECPE Demonstrator Projekt »System Integrated Drive for Hybrid Traction«

Project Targets

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Integration of a 50kW electric drive together with the power electronics in the clutch bell of a passenger car.


Coolant temperatures up to 115°C

Ambient temperature up to 140°C

High currents (approx. 300A) and voltages (approx. 400V)

High vibration and thermal cycling loads

Very small and rugged installation space

High reliability requirements

Perspectives for cost-effective manufacturability

Short Description

The project aims to research and test new technologies and techniques that allow the integration of power electronics in particularly demanding environments, such as the drive train of hybrid cars. Against this background, the system integration of power electronics brings with it a requirement profile that requires the resolution of traditional interfaces between electronics and mechanics as well as the abandonment of well-trodden paths in assembly technologies, component technologies and assembly processes.

Due to the very close dependencies between mechanical design, material selection, heat dissipation, reliability, EMC behaviour, manufacturability, testability and costs, system development is only possible in an interdisciplinary development team of experienced engineers from electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and materials science.

The Fraunhofer IISB as a „Competence Center Automotive“ of the European Center for Power Electronics e.V. (ECPE) carried out this project on behalf of the ECPE GmbH.


With the help of new approaches for 3D integration of power electronics into complex mechanical structures, the development of innovative passive components and power modules and optimized thermal management, it has been possible to integrate a inverter with a record power density of 75 kW/dm³ into the extraordinarily demanding installation space. Details of the work are ECPE-confidential.

Project Duration

2004 - 2007