Electric Drive Technology Platform

Project Targets

Development of a street legal electric vehicle fully equipped with Fraunhofer IISB components for traction power, electric and thermal energy management and charging.

Short Description

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© Fraunhofer IISB
CAD Model

Fraunhofer IISB is developing various research platforms for the evaluation and optimization of hybrid and elec­tric vehicle powertrain components. The elec­tric vehicle platform is based on an ARTEGA GT.

Research focuses within this vehicle project are:

Operational strategy with variable DC link voltage for increase of part-load efficiency

Position-tolerant inductive charging

Model-based vehicle control system using Matlab/Simulink and dSpace

Advanced vehicle safety architecture

Overall thermal management

Street legality

An integrated central drive unit with two independent electric machines and a maximum power output of 2x 80 kW allows an independent torque allocation for each wheel of the rear axle.

All converters necessary for electrical energy manage­ment, power supply and charging are integrated into the energy storage which therefore transforms into a smart battery unit. This kind of system partitioning fol­lows the basic idea of a "site-of-action integration" and mini­mizes high voltage cable harness and system costs.

An innovative multiport DC/DC con­ver­ter is used in the electric vehicle platform for managing the high voltage electrical system. This allows a flexible combination of dif­fe­rent energy storages with different volt­age levels (e.g., a traction battery with additional supercap storage).

Project Partners

Open technology platform without restrictive contractual obligations to certain companies from the automotive industry (in-house research project).

Participation of interested companies is possible (e.g. in the form of introducing and testing their own devices, components and technologies - as well as becoming a sponsor).

Project Duration