Erster mechatronisch integrierter Umrichtermotor

Project Targets

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Integration of a 100kVA frequency converter into the stator of an electric motor for use in the drive train of a hybrid car


Coolant temperature of up to 115 °C

Ambient temperature of up to 140 °C

High currents (approx. 350 A)

High voltages (approx. 350 V)

High vibration stress

Very small and unusually shaped installation space for electronics

Short Description

The inverter is a key component of a hybrid drive unit that is to this day still situated in a separate housing for all commercially available hybrid vehicles. Due to system costs and installation space the inverter will have to be mechatronically integrated directly into the electrical machine.

The goal of this project was to show – contrary to widespread skepticism among experts – that the integration of a high-performance inverter with approx. 100 kVa into the severely limited space around an electrical machine, which is unusually shaped for the installation of electronics, is feasible.

Project Results

It was demonstrated that power electronics can be integrated into the extraordinarily demanding construction space.

The inverter motor has undergone successful test bench tests and the specified key data (inverter currents, power, torque, etc.) have been verified.

Project Partners

DaimlerChrysler AG



Project Duration

2002 -2003