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Induction Plug

Inductive power transfer offers the capability to inductively (contactless) transmit power in moving components. The technology could be used as the basis for robust inductive plugs in food processing facilities or the chemical industry or as a simpler and safer way to provide electricity to agricultural machinery attachments that need robust plug solutions.

Project Targets

Realization of an induction plug for special environmental conditions

Transmission power up to 1000 W

Easy handling

High robustness

High efficiency


Due to the requirement for high compactness only a small power loss can be dissipated (high efficiency necessary)

Integration into a small assembly space


Demonstration of the functionality

System design (across all applications) for magnetics and power electronics with improvement of the performance and simulation methods

Practical robustness studies and simulations of electronic assemblies beyond the normative covered measuring range

Project Partners

Research project in cooperation with the Chair of Electron Devices (LEB) and further chairs of the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS







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Ehrlich S., Design and Optimization of a Highly Integrated Inductive Power Transfer System for Pluggable Applications, Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications Munich, 10. November 2016