Test bench for characterisation of ultra-fast devices


© Fraunhofer IISB
  • Determine influence of novel device technologies (IGBT,MOSFET, HEMT,…) and materials (Si, SiC, GaN, GaAs,…) on performance of future power electronic systems
  • Investigation of outstanding as well as parasitic device characteristics


© Fraunhofer IISB
  • Extremely low parasitic circuit inductance and capacitance
  • Special current and voltage measurement for ultra-fast switching speed (e.g. up to 110 V/ns and 10 A/ns)


© Fraunhofer IISB
  • Highly dynamic switch and diode characterization up to 2000 V, 100 A, 250 °C
  • All kinds of packaged and bare die devices
  • Flexible gate drive for normally-on and off behavior
  • Extended features like switching energy, gate charge, on resistance, diode charge according to international standards
  • Ease of use automated documentation and numerical database generation for device modeling


© Fraunhofer IISB
  • Basic data for system engineering in the trade-off between  high switching speed, low losses and parasitic oscillations
  • Evaluation of device performance and failure modes prior to system integration
  • Reduction of time to market due to device knowledge beyond traditional datasheets


  • International device manufacturers
  • Well-known research institutes and universities
  • Industrial power electronic system manufacturers