Fastest Known Method to Reliably Detect Overcurrent in Protective Devices for LVDC System

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Johannes Gehring, research scientist in the DC Grids Group of the Intelligent Energy Systems Department at Fraunhofer IISB has been honored with the Fraunhofer IISB R&D Award 2024 for his invention of an overcurrent limiting and detection unit (OLDU).

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OLDU offers unbeatable advantages as a detection unit in protective devices, especially for DC applications, such as in electric vehicles, charging stations, local DC or on-board grids for ships and aircraft, where very fast switch-off times and short-circuit current limitation are required.
OLDU can be used in switchgear for currents of up to several thousand amperes with ultra-fast detection in the nanosecond range, is implementable as a pure hardware solution and also cost-effective. Furthermore, it is compatible with IEC 60947-10 and has already been filed for a patent (EP23202843).

We congratulate Johannes Gehring on his invention.
That's the true spirit of innovation!

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