Outstanding presented paper at CIPS 2024 - Sibasish Laha wins Young Engineer Award of the ECPE European Center for Power Electronics

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In the paper "Milliseconds Power Cycling (PCmsec) Driving Bipolar Degradation in Silicon Carbide Power Devices", our colleague Sibasish Laha and his co-authors Jürgen Leib, Andreas Schletz, Martin Maerz, Christian Liguda, Firas Faisal and Davood Momeni describe an innovative approach to silicon carbide (SiC) power cycling.

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Until now, bipolar degradation (BD) tests have not been sufficiently differentiated in the investigation of failure and fault mechanisms for SiC power devices. SiC power products may experience voltage degradation which stems from the stacking faults (SFs) growth, commonly known as BD. To properly evaluate the BD impact on the electric performance of devices, it is important to distinguish it from other stress-related degradation such as power metal or interconnection. This aspect has not yet been addressed, although the BD mechanism is well understood. The paper outlines a methodology by modifying the power cycling test (PCsec) to PCmsec in order to systematically investigate the effect of BD while controlling the impact of thermal degradation. This method enables a thorough evaluation of the distinct influences of both degradation contributors.

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The complete paper will soon be available in the CIPS proceedings. Until then, feel free to download the paper presentation on our event page.

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