Research Areas



Material and technology development (crystal growth, epitaxy, test devices) of semiconductor materials (Si, SiC, GaN, AlN, Diamond, III-V, II-VI), functional coatings (TaC, SiC, SiO2, Si3N4), and energy materials (Al-ion batteries)


Semiconductor Devices

Semiconductor technology lines, cleanroom infrastructure, metrology on Si and SiC for custom processes and semiconductor devices; nanotechniques, particle / thin-film systems.


Packaging and Reliability

New methods and materials for packaging, cooling, lifetime and failure analysis, and reliability, analysis of failure mechanisms after lifetime and reliability tests, joining technologies, new packaging designs.


Energy Systems

Power electronic systems on all levels of power grid, e.g., electronic components for HV DC transport, local DC micro grids or integration of electrical storages and regenerative sources in the power grid.


Vehicle Electronics

Efficient, compact, and robust power electronic systems for all kind of vehicles, comprising electric drives, battery systems, and charging infrastructure for electric cars, further applications in aviation and shipping.


Modeling and Artificial Intelligence

Physical models, simulation programs and optimizers for, e.g., semiconductor processes and devices or power electronic systems