We especially support material, device and equipment manufacturers and their suppliers in the areas of crystal growth, epitaxy, thin film deposition, and synthesis of nanometer-sized powders. Particular focus is put on process and equipment development for the material production and the correlation of the material properties with their production conditions. Out of the materials we process devices or small system demonstrators, we test the performance and reliability of the materials in their respective applications. We are equipped with tailored R&D-facilities for crystal growth, epitaxy, and thin film deposition, as well as with different software tools for solving heat and mass transport problems. Comprehensive characterization methods for the determination of the physical, chemical, electrical, and structural material properties are available, too.

The materials and markets which we address are
• semiconductors
• optical, laser, and scintillator crystals
• pyro-, and piezoelectric materials
• battery materials
• capacitor materials
• printable electronics



Crystalline Materials for Electronic and Energy Systems


Materials for Electronics