Equipment Simulation

Equipment Simulation

We contribute to the development of next-generation high-temperature equipment by numerical modeling of the heat and mass transport phenomena during processing. Our main focus is on crystal growth and epitaxy equipment for a variety of materials (Si, Ge, SiC, GaN, AlN, III-V, II-VI, halides, oxides).

Specific expertise is available for modeling heat and mass transport processes for the Czochralski and directional solidification of silicon, the Vertical Gradient Freeze method of compound semiconductors and halides, and the epitaxial growth of wide band semiconductors. The application of our numerical models covers also the tailored thermal treatment of semiconductor wafers and the enhancement of deposition rates in CVD applications.

Using our numerical models we provide solutions for furnace modifications in order to optimize our customers’ process equipment and we give valuable new insights into our customers’ processes, especially for parameters that are hardly accessible via measuring techniques like species concentrations in CVD reactors or the convection pattern in semiconductor melts.



  • thermal simulations (conduction, convection, radiation)
  • fluid flow (gases, melt, including magnetohydrodynamics)
  • simulation of electromagnetic fields
  • simulation of species transport including chemical reactions

Application Areas

  • crystal growth (melt, solution, vapor)
  • epitaxy, thin film deposition
  • semiconductor technology (annealing, cleaning, ...)
  • laser machining


We offer R&D consulting as well as the development of numerical models tailored to the customers’ need.

For this task, we use tailored software tools such as CrysMAS, OpenFOAM and Ansys Products as well as our own high-performance computing cluster.

Besides our profound knowledge in the application of numerical models we have a strong expertise in the development of scientific software. This expertise includes tailoring existing Ansys models and the development of OpenFOAM models to solve complex three-dimensional heat and mass transfer problems.