Modeling and Artificial Intelligence

Design and Optimization of Technology, Devices, and Systems

Our goal is to support the development and optimization of technology, devices, and systems. To this end we use and appropriately combine physical modeling and Artificial Intelligence approaches. Our activities cover a wide range of research fields and applications – from “More Moore” technologies, e.g. regarding EUV lithography, through “More than Moore” technologies, like microsystems, to multiphysics simulations, of for example power electronic systems, batteries and electricity networks.

We work on the development and application of physical models, algorithms, and simulation programs for semiconductor processing, semiconductor devices, as well as for integrated systems such as those used in the field of power electronics. The methods we employ range from calculations on atomic scale to simulations of complete systems, for instance using heuristic models. In particular, we select, adapt and apply Artificial Intelligence for the development and optimization of systems. This includes approaches like Genetic Optimization and Neural Networks, for which physical modeling is partly used to augment experimental training data. Our work is carried out in close cooperation with companies in the field of semiconductors and power electronics, material and equipment suppliers, software houses, and research institutions.


Doping and Device Simulation

Theoretical and experimental investigation of diffusion processes as encountered in semiconductor technology. Our aim is to improve process characterization and optimization by simulation. Among others, we work on the the development and application of simulation programs that predict dopant concentrations and on the simulation of electrical properties of devices.


Lithography and Optics

Physical and chemical models, numerical algorithms and software for the simulation of lithographic processes – bundled together in IISB’s in-house software ‘Dr.LiTHO’. Next to model and software development, we offer support for industrial and governmental partners in process development and feasibility studies.


Structure Simulation

We work on the development and application of simulation programs on structures, such as microelectronic devices or interconnects, as well as macroscopic structure, as can be found in power electronic systems. Our simulations address the manufacturing processes as well as the operation of these structures with respect to electrical, thermal and mechanical behavior.



Equipment Simulation

Simulation of thermal and plasma processes for semiconductor technology and other fields of applications.


AI-augmented Simulation

Enhancement of simulation methods by artificial intelligence and machine learning


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