Quantum Materials

We pioneer the development of SiC and diamond for quantum applications. Our research covers the entire value chain, from material development, the creation of color centers, design and processing of quantum devices, and their integration into system demonstrators. One focus is on the deterministic generation of high quality color centers with long spin coherence on a nanometer scale. Special characterization set-ups are available to characterize the quantum systems. Furthermore, we use tailored simulation tools to support the material and technology development.

© Christian Gobert / Fraunhofer IISB
Two color centers generated by ion implantation in SiC epilayer grown @ IISB
© Kurt Fuchs / Fraunhofer IISB
Nanostructuring of SiC & Diamond by FIB
© Mathias Rommel / Fraunhofer IISB
Lense structures in SiC generated by FIB


  • Epitaxy of isotopically pure SiC for quantum application
  • Generation of color centers in SiC and diamond by ion implantation, E-beam, He-FIB
  • Stabilization of color centers by surface conditioning of SiC and diamond
  • Characterization of color centers by optical DLTS, cryogenic photoluminescence, ODMR
  • Nanostructuring of SiC and diamond by E-beam, He-FIB
  • Design of novel device concepts for quantum applications
  • First principle quantum simulations of influence of material properties on spin coherence time in SiC and diamond
  • Development and test of system demonstrators, e.g.
    • highly precision diamond based magnetic field sensors
    • SiC based quantum repeater
    • SiC based memory-assisted quantum network
    • diamond based quantum computers

Focus Areas

Explore the areas of semiconductor crystal growth, epitaxy, and device processing including characterization and modeling.