Other Crystal Materials

Research Topics

For certain applications, especially in the areas communication, data transmission, lighting, lasers, and sensors, GaAs, InP, and CdZnTe crystals are needed due to their excellent physical properties. In the area of detectors and optical crystals for high energy physics, earth exploration, safety, and medicine technology, there is a continuous demand on improved or new halide and oxide crystals.

We are well experienced in the development of the so-called Vertical Gradient Freeze (VGF) or Vertical Bridgman (VB) technology to grow such crystals with very high material quality by using a combination of experimental analysis and thermal simulation. We have developed the edge-defined film fed (EFG) growth technique for pulling single crystalline sapphire ribbons in c-direction. Furthermore, the Traveling Heater Method and different variants of the Liquid Phase Epitaxy are part of our research to grow crystals or epilayers with certain material properties for special markets. We are equipped with a “glove box line” to handle hygroscopic materials along the value chain from the preparation of the crystal growth experiment, the growth run itself to wafering and polishing of the as-grown samples for further characterization of the structural and optical properties of the crystals.




We support the development of new crystal growth and epitaxy equipment and processes by using thermal modeling and our expertise in the engineering of in-situ measuring techniques. We offer the characterization of bulk crystals, wafers and epilayers with respect to structural, physical, chemical, and electrical properties.



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Material test equipment for production of scintillator crystals.
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Polishing and defect selective etching for analysis of the structural properties of compound semiconductor samples.
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Analysis of crystals and wafers by confocal laser microscopy.