Energy Materials

We develop and analyze sustainable battery systems in particular rechargeable aluminum ion battery system (AIB) as a low cost and non-flammable storage system. We have demonstrated energy densities of 135Wh/kg regarding the active mass by using graphite as cathode material. Our AIB can be charged and discharged in less than 20 seconds. The process is reversible and we have shown more than 10.000 cycles with a charging efficiency of over 90% in lab and coin cells. We test application-relevant cell designs such as pouch cells. The currently achieved performance of the AIB is already comparable to NiMH batteries. Thus, AIB have a great potential for stationary and mobile applications.

© Fraunhofer THM
Assembly of battery cells for cyclic voltammetry measurements.
© T. Richter, F. Jach / Fraunhofer IISB
Artwork of a low-cost Al-graphite battery with Urea and Acetamide-based electrolytes
© U. Wunderwald / Fraunhofer IISB
Electrochemical characterization of laboratory cells (ElCells®)



  • Synthesis and functionalization of powders for use as electrode materials and other functional applications
  • Preparation of slurries and manufacturing of electrodes with different coating processes
  • Morphological and structural characterization of particles and layers using
    • SEM
    • Raman with in situ option
    • XRD with in situ option (in preparation)
    • FTIR, ATR-IR
    • BET
    • Laser diffraction
  • Characterization of electrolytes
    • Conductivity
  • Electrochemical characterization by CV and EIS using lab cells (ElCells®) and coin cells

Focus Areas

Explore the areas of semiconductor crystal growth, epitaxy, and device processing including characterization and modeling.