Thermal Characterization

Fields of research and service

  • Thermal characterization of new packaging concepts, materials, devices, and technologies for power electronic devices
  • Static and dynamic thermal measurements (Rth, Zth)
  • Heatsinks for single and multi devices (up to 20 samples per cold plate)
  • Design and assembly of power modules for testing (silver sintering, soldering, wire bonding)
  • FEM-Simulation of thermal behavior from semiconductor to coolant
  • Workshops for test result interpretation

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Thermal characterization of power modules mounted on a water-glycol cooled heat sink

Measurement system

  • Temperature acquisition via device under test (indirect measurement principle)
  • Direct temprature measuremant by thermography, PT100 and thermo-couples
  • Heating current from 0.1A up to 2000A
  • Heating voltage up to 35V
  • Heating and cooling power up to 20kW
  • Coolant temperatures from - 60... + 350°C possible
  • Coolant flow up to 25 l/min
  • Maximum pressure: 8bar

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Device under testing
© Fraunhofer IISB
Device under testing
FEM simulation
© Fraunhofer IISB
FEM simulation

Devices for testing

  • IGBTs, MOSFETS, JFETS, thyristors
  • Resistors
  • Schottky-diodes, pn-diodes
  • Si, SiC and GaN devices

Packaging for testing

  • Power modules with or without baseplate
  • PCB-Boards with discretes (to-devices, D2Paks, etc.)
  • Direct / Indirect water cooled systems
  • Liquid and air cooled devices
  • With or without housing or molding
  • In-house test layouts and samples

Additional services

  • Foster-Cauer network calculation
  • Thermal management consulting
  • FEM-simulations
  • Statistical analysis


Thermal Characterization