Aviation Electronics


Making use of more than 20 years of experience in delivering complete prototype systems for automotive applications, IISB is able to provide technologies for the complete high voltage “backbone” of a more/all electric aircraft, ranging from non-/isolating DC/DC converters and AC/DC motor/grid inverters to complete battery systems and DC grid control technologies. The novel WBG semiconductors with their reduced losses together with advanced low-inductive system designs and innovative cooling solutions enable power-densities far beyond state-of-the-art, paving the way towards more and all electric aircrafts.

Full-custom System Development

We offer full-custom system development and realization of extremely lightweight and integrated power electronic systems –
from the first concept to testing and delivery of the complete prototype system. Making use of our experiences with DC grid management, we are able to deliver solutions for complete drivetrain system architectures for aviation applications, with voltage range from 60 V – 3 kV and power range from 1 kW to several MW:

  • Multiphase traction drive inverters
  • Isolating and non-isolating DC/DC converters
  • Bidirectional AC inverters for multigrid coupling
  • Custom battery systems & battery management
  • Medium voltage multilevel designs
  • Thermal CFD simulation chain for customer specific air and liquid cooling solutions
  • DC grid management & control functionalities
  • High gravimetric power density
  • Custom made power electronics for special applications and requirements

More and detailed Information will be given upon request, and starting a technical discussion about your specific application is highly appreciated. IISB is your research partner in power electronics for next generation avionic applications, either in collaboration in public funded research projects, or in bilateral developments under complete NDA.


Compact & Lightweight Aviation Power Electronics