Vehicle Electronics

Fraunhofer IISB takes a leading position internationally in the field of power electronics for electromobility. This is evident from the numerous development projects with nearly all large automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Many of the results have gained international attention.

We permanently strive to open up new applications and functionalities. The grid integration of electric vehicles for instance will gain more and more importance in the future. For avionic applications the new possibilities of modern power electronics will pave the way towards the “more electric aircraft”. This means powering many more actuators electrically in order to improve the overall fuel economy, and to reduce the maintenance efforts associated with hydraulic systems.

Focus Areas


Drive Inverters & Mechatronics

We are working on innovative integration concepts as well as on new device, interconnection, and cooling technologies that foster a 3D integration, increase ruggedness, and decrease costs of power electronics.


Battery Chargers

We provide on-board battery chargers (AC/DC converters) in the range from 3.7 to 22 kW for plug-in and electric vehicles, as well as DC battery chargers (DC/DC converters) in the range of 3 kW and higher for ultrafast, high-power applications.


DC/DC Converters

We provide custom specific DC/DC converters for automotive, aircraft and stationary applications.


SiC/GaN Converters

Be our partner for innovative solutions with wide-bandgap power semiconductors and take the next step towards the future of power electronics!


Battery Systems

We offer advanced and innovative solutions for electrical energy storage systems. Our focus is on full-custom cost-efficient electric energy storage and management systems for mobile and stationary applications.


Aviation Electronics

We provide technologies for the high voltage "backbone" of a more/all electric aircraft: non-/isolating DC/DC converters, AC/DC motor/grid inverters, battery systems, as well as DC grid control technologies.


Medium Voltage Electronics

Multi-level systems are the key technology for efficient and cost-effective ship and vehicle drivetrains as well as stationary energy distribution units in the voltage range of 1 kV up to 30 kV.


Inductive Power Transmission

We develop and realize complete inductive power transfer systems. From the FEM-Simulation, over power electronics analysis/simulation and mechanical integration to complete prototypes.


On-Board Converter

We are specialized in top tier DC/DC converters: galvanically isolating, bidirectional, and single-stage.

Characterization, Integration & Services


Device Characterization

With our comprehensive test facilities, we evaluate the potential of new active or passive components in close coordination with you. We also offer to convert measurements into powerful simulation models for your virtual prototype.


Electromagnetic Compatibility

Our EMC lab offers a wide range of services, from tests on prototypes over consulting in case of EMC problems, measurements according to harmonized standards to very detailed circuit and layout optimizations.


Vehicle Test Center

We operate our own test center for electric vehicles, including a motor test bench, an air-conditionable all-wheel chassis dynamometer and central infrastructure for battery, system reliability and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests.

ZEPOWEL @ Fraunhofer IISB

Towards Zero Power Electronics - Electronics with lowest energy consumption

With the "Smart Fabrication" demonstrator, an intelligent, cognitive DC/DC converter is being built from the developed power modules within the "Toward Zero Power" project. With this, novel DC voltage networks for industrial applications can be realized. The converters control the energy flow between the different energy sources, energy storage devices and consumers and ensure a stable supply network.


YESvGaN – GaN Vertical Power Transistors at Silicon Cost

YESvGaN targets a new low-cost wide-bandgap (WBG) power transistor technology for enabling high-efficiency power electronic systems for electromobility, industrial drives, renewable energies, and data centers.

The main objective of the project is to demonstrate innovative vertical gallium nitride (GaN) power transistors fabricated on a low-cost substrate such as silicon. This so-called vertical membrane architecture combines the superior performance of GaN as WBG power transistor material with the advantages of a vertical architecture regarding current and voltage robustness at a price competitive to silicon IGBTs. Within YESvGaN, the entire value chain is addressed – from substrate, epitaxy, process, and interconnect technology to applications in power electronic systems. The YESvGaN consortium combines the experience and competence of 23 industrial and research partners from 7 European countries.

Fraunhofer IISB contributes to the project along the entire value chain, including:

  • Analysis of epitaxial layer stacks and crystal defects, development of innovative routines for measuring the electrical properties of defects and thin membranes
  • Definition of new processes for handling of thin membranes during packaging and ceramic embedding
  • Electrical characterization of novel power devices, development of an electrical simulation model, and design of a half-bridge power module

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