DC/DC Converters

We provide custom specific DC-DC Converters for automotive, air craft and stationary applications. Research starts on basic level switching behavior of classic silicon and modern wide band gap SiC and GaN Devices. With highly integrated custom passive components from film and ceramic capacitors over gapped and coupled inductors to modern 3D aluminum laser sintered cooling solutions we create converters from 1 Watt to 1 Megawatt.

A and B-Sample Prototypes

Zero Series Converters starting from 1 Unit

Technology Studies

Development of Power Cores for custom specific integration

Solutions for LV123, LV124, Shock and EMI requirements


Non-Isolated Converter

High Power Density

State-of-the art power electronic cores based on SiC and GaN with highest power densitys, lowest weight of dc-dc converters, and high efficiency.


Non-Isolated Converter

Automotive Prototyping

The IISB develops and builds up A- and B- style grade prototypes for automotive and motorsport application. These are typically controlled by CAN and provide all basic safety and power conversation functions.


SIC/GAN Converters

Be our partner for innovative solutions with wide bandgap power semiconductors and participate now in the future of power electronics!








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