µe-bauhaus erlangen-nürnberg:
The technical-academic master forge

The µe-bauhaus erlangen-nürnberg transfers the teaching concept of the famous Bauhaus Weimar-Dessau-Berlin to the idea of a "Bauhaus of Microelectronics" within the Chair of Electron Devices (LEB) and Fraunhofer IISB. This includes the self-understanding that "teachers" and "learners" work together and jointly plan and realize extensive ideas and designs. The indispensable basis of this creative work is the thorough technical training of students in laboratories and at trial and work stations, which enables them to learn and work independently in teams in a creative manner.

Triad of study, laboratory, research & development

What makes the modern, progressive engineering training at µe-bauhaus erlangen-nürnberg different from other courses of study or training centers? Here, the theoretical study of natural sciences and electrical engineering and information technology runs parallel to practical training along the process chain, starting with the design of devices, their development and production up to their validation, trial and testing.

The µe-bauhaus erlangen-nürnberg offers our students a unique knowledge pool that is rooted in the academic background of the LEB and the research- and development-driven perspective of the IISB. In addition, we combine the outstanding technical and infrastructural equipment of the LEB and the IISB. Only this triad of studies, laboratory and research & development enables the interlinking of in-depth theoretical knowledge with the high level of practical skills and technical excellence.

At the center of this triad is the bauhaus-inspired workshop concept, through which the practical relevance of our teaching is ensured. In our 1000 m² cleanroom laboratory, theoretical content is turned into practical application: The µe-bauhaus erlangen-nürnberg offers exceptional infrastructure - machines, tools, laboratories, and experimental areas - combined with excellent technical know-how.

The "factory" of the µe-bauhaus erlangen-nürnberg offers space for ideas and the opportunity to try them out: The joint clean room laboratory of the LEB and the IISB extends over 1000 m² of laboratory space.

How do I become a member of the µe-bauhaus erlangen-nürnberg?

The µe-bauhaus erlangen-nürnberg thrives on the participation of all students at the LEB and is always open to them from the first bachelor's or master's semester onwards. In-depth practical training beyond the standard curriculum can be obtained by applying for paid research assistantships at the LEB or IISB, which are defined by the research and development projects of the respective institutes. At Fraunhofer IISB, we regularly advertise bachelor's, master's and PhD theses in cooperation with the LEB. On the LEB page you can get an overview of in-progress and completed theses. Indispensable in our clean room – our workshop – are our apprentice microtechnologists in the field of semiconductor technology. Detailed information on all our job offers can be found on our career page.

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Prof. Jörg Schulze, who at the same time holds the Chair of Electron Devices at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg and is the Institute Director of Fraunhofer IISB, on his vision for the µe-bauhaus erlangen-nürnberg.