High Temperature Sensing & Electronics

4H-SiC High Temperature Sensing & Electronics

While application areas for power electronics are becoming more diverse, the requirements for power electronic devices, modules, circuits and semiconductors are rising simultaneously. In particular, demands for enhanced standards and less limitation open up continuously in the field of high temperature implementation. Regarding these developments, we focus on mixed-signal circuits operating at temperatures beyond 250 °C as well as the combination of sensing function with on-chip amplification and Smart-Power-IC for actuation. Our advanced 4H-SiC technology is suitable for modelling, design, manufacturing, and characterization of 4H-SiC mixed signal circuits for a wide range of applications including measurement of temperature (-130 °C up to 600 °C), UV emission, ionizing radiation, magnetic fields, chemical compounds, and pressure.

Advantages & Benefits

Using 4H-SiC for advanced high-temperature sensors and electronics offers a higher thermal stability than Si including significantly lower leakage currents and, thus, making it suitable for operation in harsh environments. Furthermore, it is also compatible for compact single chip solutions. This results in less effort for sensor maintenance, cost reduction by monolithic integration and, additionally, best-in-class high temperature performance of semiconductor-based sensors.

Sensor Functions


  • Temperature sensitive single pn-diode
    • Sensitivity: 4.5 mV/K (max.)
  • PTAT circuits:
    • Sensitivity: 0.2 mV/K
    • Tunable (area and current ratio)
    • Sat. current independent

UV Emission

  • Tunable responsivity
  • Maximum at 260 nm: 110 mA/W
  • Near-constant responsitivity from 270- 300 nm
  • Typical maximal external quantum efficiency of 55%
  • Sensor arrays

Further Functions

  • Soft x-ray detection
  • Neutron detection
  • Pressure sensing
  • Hall effect based Magnetic FETs
  • ISFET mode for detection of distinct elements and compounds

Signal Processing

Analog Electronic

  • Amplifiers
  • Comparators
  • Current mirrors


Electronic Sensing
& Actuation Circuits

  • ADCs
  • pre-Amps

Digital Electronic

  • Inverters, Flip-flops
  • State-machines
  • Technology Details:
    • High-temperature CMOS
    • μNMOS/μPMOS = 3.8 @ 300 °C


High Voltage Devices

  • LDMOS transistors based on pin or RESURF
  • High-side capability by well-isolation


  • Excellent Power-FOM at 600 V compared to silicon
  • On-state resistance < 10 mΩ cm² @ 650V

High Temperature
Sensors & Electronics