Devices - New Ideas, More Power

In the field of ‘Devices’ we develop innovative device solutions with a strong focus on power electronics. This includes novel device concepts both on semiconducting materials like silicon and silicon carbide and on related materials providing a “technology-push” towards new and more powerful applications.

We cover activities from monolithic integration of electron devices, development and integration of passives, including new dielectric materials and especially capacitors, as well as new power semiconductor devices. Our power electronic devices and circuits are implemented in power grid applications, in automotive electronics such as electric mobility, and furthermore in the fields of biotechnology and medicine. Additionally – and to meet rising requirements – we pay special attention to research and development on high temperature electronics and sensors suitable for particularly demanding environments.  

Device Types

Power Devices

Customer-driven development and manufacturing of power semiconductor devices on silicon and silicon carbide.  


High Temperature
Electronics & Sensing

Development and Operation of sensors, signal processing and actuators operable up to 600 °C.  


Development of novel capacitors with regards to higher integration density, higher temperature, and higher voltage stability as well as simplified mounting and assembly.  


Thin-Film Devices and Systems

Thin-film transistors and sensors for direct application in industrial, automotive, energy, and consumer electronics.  

Application-specific device solutions and services

To better satisfy the demands of individual solutions (‘application-pull’), customer-specific devices based on conventional concepts are adopted. Special emphasis is placed on the development of cost-efficient processes tailored towards implementation and realization of customized products. Device requirements are derived from the desired target application.

To cover every step on the way to your individual device, we do especially immerse in device design and development. Thus presenting our customers with the liberty to create a concept able to meet their every needs. Complementarily, we offer experience-based tools in the fields of power device simulation, device integration and electrical characterization. Therefore not only creating space for new device-ideas, but simultaneously making sure that performance, reliability and compatibility of the later are at their maximum.

All of this is supported by our very own in-house solutions in terms of SiC Services as well as our quality-assured one-stop prototype fabrication, realized under the brand ‘π-Fab’.

Device Design
& Development

Customized solutions for semiconductor devices. Use of novel and exclusive fabrication capabilities, e.g. Beyond-CMOS processing, and optional transfer to industrial volume fabrication, including process and control plans, and full-fledged device testing.  

Power Device Simulation

Verification of novel designs („More-than-Moore“) through process simulation of device structures, simulation of extracted device structures regarding electrical performance or quasistatic behaviour, and optimization through comparison of different design variations.

Device Integration

Application specific integration concepts for silicon carbide power devices (e.g. MOSFETs), passive devices for power electronics (e.g. Silicon-high-voltage trench capacitors), circuit protection devices (e.g. high-current anti-fuses and circuit breakers) as well as integrated X-ray and UV sensors.  

Prototype Fabrication


Performance and reliability characterization through measurement of device performance, statistical device reliability predictions considering individual failure mechanisms as well as process evaluation based on yield analysis.

Individual SiC Services


Projects & Publications