Structure Simulation

Simulation of Structures for Semiconductor Technology and other Applications

We work on the development and application of simulation programs on structures of different kinds: Such structures are for instance microelectronic devices or interconnects, the related manufacturing equipment, or macroscopic structures such as those included in power electronic systems.

For our simulations we use commercial software, open-source tools, and in-house software modules. Our activities include:

■  Process modeling
   - dry etching processes
   - plasma-based, chemical, and physical deposition processes

■  Coupling of feature-scale and equipment-scale simulation for thermal and plasma reactors

■  Electrical, thermal, and mechanical simulation, e.g., for determining performance and reliability of structures

■  Application in various fields from nanostructures to power electronic systems


Etching Simulator ANETCH


Deposition Simulator DEP3D



H2020 Project SUPERAID7:

Stability Under Process Variability for Advanced Interconnects and Devices Beyond 7 nm Node


Simulation of Self-aligned Double Patterning


Modeling of Block Copolymer Dry Etching


Publications Structure Simulation