Packaging for Electronics

Ceramic Embedding

Using the various advantages for Wide Band Gap semiconductor devices, we investigate concepts that exhibit planar contacts, low parasitic inductance, high voltage, high design flexibility, environmental compatibility and high temperature suitability.


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Motivation for Ceramic Embedding:

  • Miniaturization & no housing, 3D-integration, reduction of connection points
  • High switching & short current paths, vias instead of bond wires, low parasitic inductance
  • More efficient cooling & double-sided cooling, thermal vias
  • High temperature capability (> 200 °C)
  • High thermal conductivity (Al2O3, AlN, Si3N4)
  • High current carrying capability (Cu layer > 300 µm), no wires
  • High corrosion resistance (ceramic)
  • Low CTE-Mismatch

Ultra Short Pulse Laser Structuring

  • Easy DBC designing on demand
  • Cost effective and fast prototyping
  • Super fine lining
  • Electrical field control
  • Limitless trench layout for insulation
  • 3D structuring of organic, inorganic and metallic materials
  • Reverse engineering

Add-on: Vias in DBC Substrates for embedded power modules

Novel Via manufacturing approaches

  • Laser drilling, stencil printing, dispensing, mechanical contacting
  • Copper paste, copper rivets, silver paste

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Full SiC Double Sided Busbar Module

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Idea of concept

  • Low inductance and high temperature power module for e-drives
  • Fast switching with SiC
  • DC+ & DC- on outer metalliztion for lowest parasitic C to ground
  • High reliability and temperature capability by silver sintering
  • Low cost due to copper busbars with hybrid polymer isulation layers instead of DBC substrates
  • Double sided cooling, high thermal capability

Further examples of our prototypes

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Head spreading and CTE matching by graphite
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Double sided cooled sintered power module
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Double sided silver sintering of power semiconductors

Equipment & Laboratories

We operate our own clean room according to ISO classification 7 and futher laboratories for analysis and lifetime testing.

Due to our membership in the Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD), we operate an advanced packaging line for power electronics, as well as an environmental laboratory for power electronics - components and systems.



Stencil printer and Ink-jet printer for sinter and solder pastes as well as printing polymers and thermal interface materials in the packaging clean room


  • Multi-physics simulation tools (electro-thermo-mechanical), CAD
  • Plasma cleaning
  • Printer for paste material
  • Vapor-phase vacuum soldering
  • Formic-acid-activated IR vacuum reflow
  • Hydrogen activated IR vacuum reflow
  • Full automatic die placer with high temperature and extended tool force capability
  • Automatic wire and ribbon bonders (Al, Cu, Au)
  • Servo press for sintering
  • Ultrasonic and resistance welding machines for electric terminals